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lalala I'm home

August 17th, 2011, 2:59 pm

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Author's Comments:

Well hello, so I'm back from Poland, it was pretty awesome c:
Although now I have lots of stuff to catch up onto, including the comic, so don't be suprised with flood of updates in close future.
I shall delete this post after a while, it's just here to let You know what's going on~ 8D"

...Actually I think I will do the answers for Your questions first, I still need to scann and letter them so it's going to take a while, and then I'm back to posting regular pages~

Oh, and I have some fun fun fun things to show You, but I have to scann them also, and right now I'm to lazy to do that :c But keep I will propably post links in AC once I put them somewhere online~

Aaaand~ I'm sorry for that rather confusing video, it was made under influance of orange juice which for me and Susan is like alcochol for most human beings. :V
Just don't try to make sense of it, it doesn't have it XD"

And the last last thing... I was considering something for a while... Is pornography ok on SJ? I heard it's against the rules, yet I've seen quite a lot um... explicit stuff around here? 8U
And I'm asking because I would like to make a separate comic that would be just a bunch of short stories with LoserDex characters, but not or slightly related to the main comic |D
But of course it would be, uh.... porn, so I'm not sure where I should host it.
Definetly not on here, I want to keep it separete from main thing, especially that I realize not everyone likes gay smut c:

~*~*~*~REPLIESS~!~*~*~*~ because I like talking to You guys c:"
@apocalypticDragon: Thank You Thank You Thank You <3 Glad You liked it 8D
@Crash Ichimonji: haha, of course he sounds like that for parody purposes 8D Plus, It's me doing the voice, so given that I'm a girl it's not easy to sound like a boy XD But I always imagine Basil's voice (if he had one) is like that of Rod from Avenue Q 8D
@IsahBellah: Aw, They will actually apper in the comic at some point c: Personally I love them, but as parents... well they are not so good XD"
Awwww, thank You <3 And I don't mind if someone didn't like it, not everyone has to 8D
@CloudsAreFluffie: Aw snap, that's right XD" Well, next time I will make sure to remember~!

Posted at August 17th, 2011, 3:17 pm

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by AnnietheKitten

As long as there's a mature content warning thing, it should be alright for SmackJeeves.

Posted at August 17th, 2011, 10:49 pm

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